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Jumat, 01 April 2011

orchid flower know

Jumat, 01 April 2011

Orchidaceae is a member of the tribe of flowering plants with most species. Your options are widespread from tropical wet regions to circumpolar region, although most members are found in tropical regions. Most members of this tribe live as epiphytes, especially those from tropical regions. Orchids in temperate climates usually live in soil and form a tuber as a way of adapting to winter. Organs that tend to thick and "fleshy" (succulent) makes it stand the pressure of water availability. Epiphytic orchids can live from moisture and humid air.
Orchid is one of the many ornamental plants that are rare. Currently, many are trying to create the orchid with the latest variant mengawin crossed by a single species of orchids that orchid tree lain.Tujuannya with none other than to get a new orchid variant form of a beautiful and durable.

       Members of the importance of human well-known is the ornamental orchids and vanili.berkelopak beautiful flowers and colorful
Members of this family tends to have a succulent organs or "fleshy": thick with high water content. Thus he can live in conditions of low water availability. Water is obtained from the rain, droplets, dew, or moisture in the air. However, orchids are not found in desert areas because roots are not intensive. Orchids like light but not direct sun, so he usually found in nature as a plant floor or in the shade of the forest. For ornamental plants, orchids stand in the room.

      Root fibers, not inside. The types of epiphytes that develop roots and succulent stems attached to the tree where he grew up, but does not harm the host tree. There is also growing geofitis, with another term means terrestria grown in soil with roots in the soil. There is also a saprophyte, growing on the media leaves and rotten wood that has decayed into humus. At the root surface is often found in fungal roots (mycorrhizae) are symbiotic with orchids.

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