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Jumat, 01 April 2011

bonsai trees

Jumat, 01 April 2011
 Bonsai tree(盆栽?) is a plant or tree that dwarfed in shallow pots with the purpose of making a miniature of the original shape of an old tree in the wild. Planting (sai, 栽) performed in shallow pots, called the bill (盆). The term bonsai also used for traditional Japanese art in the maintenance of plants or trees in shallow pots, and appreciation of beauty of form branches, leaves, stems, and roots of trees, and shallow pot into a container, or the overall shape of the plant or tree. Bonsai tree is the Japanese pronunciation for penzai (盆栽).
This art includes various cutting techniques and pruning plants, wiring (the formation of branches and branches of trees by wrapping the wire or bend them with wire ties), and makes the roots spread on the rock. Making bonsai takes a long time and involve a variety of jobs, including fertilization, pruning, crop establishment, watering, and replacement of pots and soil. Plants or trees dwarfed by cutting roots and branches. The tree is formed with the help of wire on twigs and tunasnya. Wire must be taken before they could scratch the skin of the tree branch. Plants are living things, and there are no bonsai that can be said is complete or finished. Changes that occur continuously in the plant according to season or natural state is one of the attractions

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