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Jumat, 01 April 2011

familiar with jasmine flowers

Jumat, 01 April 2011
jasmine flowers
Jasmine is a flower plant ornamental shrubs in the form of chronic trunked upright living. In Indonesia, one type of jasmine serve as the "flower of the nation " or national symbol of white jasmine (Jasminum sambac), because of small fragrant white flowers symbolize purity and innocence, and is associated with various traditions of many tribes in this country. This flower is a must in the bridal hair ornaments wedding ceremonies of various tribes in Indonesia, particularly the Javanese and Sundanese. Another popular type is the jasmine gambier. In Indonesia the name jasmine is known by people across the archipelago.
In Italy, Casablanca jasmine (Jasminum officinalle), called the Spanish Jasmine planted in 1692 to be used as perfume. In 1665 in England cultivated white jasmine (J. sambac) are introduced by the Duke Casimo de Medici. In 1919, discovered jasmine J. parkeri in North-Western region of India which is then cultivated in England in 1923.
Distinctive scent of jasmine flowers, is highly favored by many people, especially women. But in addition to the seductive scent of the flower, jasmine also has properties to help cure diseases.

Plants that have a Latin name Jasminum Sambac or too often can be efficacious Jasmine disebutl help cure shortness of breath, headache, eye pain, fever, swollen with bee stings and even breast milk can also help control that often come out to excess.

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