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Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

what is a rose

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Rose is a bush plant of the genus Rosa as well as the name of a flower that consists of more than 100 species, mostly grown in the northern hemisphere the valve cool. Species roses are generally a thorny bush plants. there are upstanding,, there is also a climbing rose plants in other plants can reac20 meters.
. Rose was not really a tropical plant, most species shed all their leaves and only a few species that exist in Southeast Asia which is always green leafy throughout the year.
Flowers consist of 5 pieces of leaf crown with the exception of Rosa sericea which only has 4 pieces of leaf crown. The color of many flowers. flower produces fruit aggregate (expanded from a single flower with many pistils), called rose hips. Each pistil develops into a single fruit (achene), while a collection of single pieces of meat wrapped fruit on the outside. Species with more wide-open flowers invite the arrival of bees or other insects that help pollinate so it tends to produce more fruit. Results of breeding roses produce flowers that leaf crown seal, making it hard pollination. Some fruit is red roses with a few exceptions such as Rosa pimpinellifolia that produce fruit dark purple to black.
but in the human world roses used to symbolize a sign of love to the opposite sex, or used for wedding ceremonies, or other ceremony, usually on the day of love is selling flowers used to symbolize his love, romantic

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